Ford is synonymous with toughness, reliability, power and performance.

For many car lovers, the Ford v Holden debate rages on, especially in motor racing circles. But when it comes to trucks, to tough, long-lasting commercial vehicles, membership of the Ford Trucks Club eclipses all others. And for plenty of good reasons but primarily because they do the job that you want them to do.

On building sites and rural properties across Australia, in our cities wherever tradies are helping home owners with essential works, in warehouse delivery and pick-up docks, in loading zones, wherever and whenever an operator needs a commercial vehicle that will do the job – you’ll see a Ford.

Ford have been in Australia since 1925, operating from their base in Geelong, Victoria and establishing a dealer network across the country. Australia is a significant development hub for the worldwide group and could be a key reason that the Ford Trucks Club is so well-supported.

We’re flying the Ford flag and bring together a lot of reasons why you too should get on the Ford trucks bandwagon. The first 3 reasons: Ford Ranger, Ford Transit Van and Ford F Series – in our opinion, the stalwarts of Australian business. We’ll give you the low down and information on how you can finance your next Ford truck and join the Ford Trucks Club.


An evolution of the classic Ford pickup and F series, the Ranger is a workhorse which crosses over from recreation and sport to the worksite with ease and style.


The classic delivery vehicle and off-site office for tradies and other service operators, which has a somewhat of a cult following due its versatility. What is your preference: custom, van or cab chassis?


The Effie, a common site in places where you really need performance. Released in the 60s the F series is Ford’s best-selling range in the US and a highly popular vehicle in Australia.


If you’re buying you’re joining the Ford Trucks Club with your first Ford truck or in the market for an upgrade, you’ll be in the market for a great truck finance deal. We explain what options may be available to you and how to source the best truck loan


Deciding between different used Ford trucks? Tossing up which Ford Ranger or Transit model to buy? Having some idea of what your truck loan payments might be could help the decision-making process. We explain how a truck loan calculator can assist you.


As flag-waving members of the Ford Trucks Club, we think the Ford Transit is hands-down the most versatile commercial vehicle on the market. But the productivity of your Transit won’t achieve your expectations without the best finance deal you can source. We reveal advice from experts on getting the best commercial van finance.