The Ford F Series

There is something about even just saying Ford F 100 or F 250 that evokes a sense of power, purpose and presence. The F series is an iconic vehicle and an iconic symbol that advertisers and screen producers utilise to convey a sense of meaning in their content.

Fans of US TV shows will constantly have the dream of the F Series classic pick-up trucks kept alive through many favourite TV character like Gibbs on NCIS who drives an F250 in an early series of the show. Many other characters are known for driving a Ford truck and we relate to them.

The Effie, as it is affectionately known by fans in the Ford Trucks Club, is a common sight in places where you really need performance. On work sites, rural properties, in rugged environments. The Ford F series is renowned as the ultimate towing vehicle for caravans, horse floats, trailbikes, boats, equipment and machinery, hauling livestock and dealing with all those tough jobs.

Released in the 1960s the F series is Ford’s best-selling range in the US and a highly popular vehicle in Australia. Not built in Australia, the F series is marketed in Australia by specialist vehicle dealers who convert the US models to right hand drive for Australian use.

The current model range includes the 150, 250, 350, 450 and the Raptor.

Buying a New Ford F Series

If you’re interested in buying a brand new F series, there are a number of vehicle businesses in Australian that specialise in importing and converting US models for the Australian market.

But you might be wondering if it is easy to access a good truck finance deal on an imported/converted Ford truck? Simple answer, yes. To our knowledge, finance is available from some sources. While your bank or some finance companies may baulk at offering a truck loan for a specialised vehicle, there are many lenders that offer truck loans for imported Ford F Series trucks. We know people who operate in that area of finance and we’re happy to pass on their details to you if you contact us.

Buying a Ford Ranger

The good news for Food Trucks Club members who are in the market for a second-hand vehicle, there appears to be good stock available. We did a quick online browse of the most popular online car sales platform www.carsales.com.au and found a good selection.

In the F 150 range we spied Platinum, Lariat and Raptor models for sale, including a classic 1999 F 150 model which is the icon of the entire range. Average price range $79,000 - $150,000 at the time we checked. In the F250 we also saw over 150 vehicles available in used market with prices in the $150,000+ range.

If you’re wondering how those price estimates might translate into monthly repayments on a truck loan, head over to our Truck Loan Calculator webpage for more information.