Ford Transit

You don’t have to look far to realise that the Ford Transit Van is one of the most popular commercial vehicles on Australian roads. It’s the classic delivery vehicle and off-site office for tradies and other service operators, which has a somewhat of a cult following due its versatility. The different models and options offered by Ford make the Transit suited to a wide range of industries and businesses.

For general deliveries, small removals jobs, carpet installers, builders, a number of trades that need equipment locked away safely, applications that need to customise the interior to suit their business, diagnostic and detection set-ups, have all your tools and components organised to streamline onsite jobs, events industry applications, film crew and especially suited for businesses that may need to do some work from their vehicle while on site. Perfect for sparkies, plumbers, techs, couriers and many more.

The growth in online sales has been a boon for the parcel delivery sector and amidst all the horrors it created across the globe, the coronavirus crisis led to a big increase in home deliveries which saw even more Ford Transits on the roads doing essential work.

The Transit Range

The Ford Transit range of commercial vehicles offer something to suit just about every occupation and business. The 3 different body styles give you a great choice of options with both side and back access doors for practicality and functionality.

What is your preference: custom, van or cab chassis?

  • Transit Custom: a choice of low or high roof height and short or long wheelbase gives you plenty of choice for starters. The sleek lines, which are especially accentuated in the black colour option, ensure you will project a stylish business image when zipping around the city and suburbs running your business. Customise the interior to suit your specific application, add some great signwriting and your Ford Transit becomes a very valuable business resource.
  • Transit Van: a large cargo area, great pulling power, mid or high roof and long wheelbase make this the workhorse for anyone who needs to deliver. The 2.0 litre engine and cruise control are standard as is an impressive list of features which you don’t always receive in a work vehicle.
  • Custom Sport: so you’re a tradie that can only justify the cost of one vehicle to cover both work and personal life – the Sport could be your answer. Load in the surfboards or bikes alongside your trade gear and you’re ready to hit the surf at lunchtime or take a ride after work. The Sport suits both your work week and your weekend exploits and as a business vehicle, costs may be treated as business expenses. That depends on the type of finance you select and on the advice of your accountant and within ATO guidelines. For more info on those matters, head to our Commercial Truck Finance webpage.
  • Transit Cab Chassis: available in a single or double cab chassis options, this Transit gives you the options to adapt the load carrying to suit your specific needs.
  • Custom Double Cab in van: for those that need to make space for more workmates but want an enclosed van. Low roof and long wheelbase.

If you’re ready to talk Ford Transit finance, we know people who offer great truck loans. Just get in touch and we’ll pass on their details.