Commercial Van Finance

Commercial Van Finance

As flag-waving members of the Ford Trucks Club, we think the Ford Transit is hands-down the most versatile commercial vehicle on the market. But the productivity of your Transit won’t achieve your expectations without the best finance deal you can source.

You need to assign as much importance to sourcing your finance as you do to selecting your Ford Commercial Van.

Sourcing Finance

Most banks and finance companies offer finance for business vehicles. The Ford Commercial Vehicle range may be considered a truck by some and a business vehicle by others. Their offerings may be listed in the Heavy Vehicle or Heavy Equipment finance category for a truck or under Commercial or Business Vehicle category.

It can be a fine line as to which category the Ford range falls under – truck or more like a business car? The Ranger could be considered more in the car category and the vans more as trucks. It will very much depend on the lender.

The finance types available will be the same:

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • CHP
  • Van Leasing
  • Van Rent to Own

So it may seem like 6 of one and half a dozen of the other to you – but it is a more important factor. The interest rate, loan terms available and loan conditions etc may vary significantly between these two categories.

When it comes to business finance, it is critical to your operations – the smallest difference in an interest rate can compound to a significant difference in the total cost of your van finance over the 5, 6 or 7 years of your loan term.


An extremely viable solution is to engage a finance broker to handle your Ford Van finance. There are many finance brokers available but here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing which one you will engage:

  • Professional with specialised truck and commercial van expertise and ongoing experience. They will know which lenders will offer the best deals and they will know whether your van finance should come under truck loan or another category.
  • Independent. Not aligned with any bank or finance company but accredited with many. The more lenders they have access to, the more choices they will have to source you the best offer.
  • Readily available. You want someone who is quickly contactable, who is prepared to do all the work for you and will deliver on their promise of sourcing you the best commercial van finance package.
  • Expertise: Finance brokers are required to be licensed and the highly reputable ones are members of FBAA.

Your broker will be working for you, only in your best interests and is best-placed to get you the Ford commercial van finance deal that delivers productivity and performance to your business.

We know people who operate as specialist truck and van finance brokers and can share their details with you. Just touch base with us for details.